My Current Collection

Over on the left is our original C64.  The right, our original Vic-20.   Both currently work (after being stored for 20+ years in the attic), but are in need of a really good cleaning.

The Amiga 500 I scored last year (my first Amiga — FINALLY!).  Came with 1084 monitor, external floppy, printer, and a few disks.

The Amiga 600 I picked up before Christmas of last year.  Currently has an IDE to SD card adapter, 10bt ethernet in the PCMCIA port, and a serial connection to another host (my BBS) so that I can “dial” out.  The other 64s were rescued at various times.  I was amazed that I got the silver label 64 for $10!  Everything works, again just needs a cleaning.  Behind the 64 is one of Ray Carlsen’s power supplies.  It’ll run a 64, 128, or Amiga (one at a time).  Nice clean power instead of dealing with those ticking time bomb power supplies that came with the machine originally.  Worth every penny.

I’ll get more listed as I go.