Vic problem.. *sigh*

Thought the Vic was running like new?   I did.  Until I hooked up the tape drive.  I send it the load command, and hit play on tape.  The Vic recognizes that I hit play and starts searching.  But the drive doesn’t move the tape.  Checked the belt, and it’s fine.  The motors just aren’t moving, and I tried it on two tape drives.  Looks like a transistor bit the dust.  2SD880 in location Q1.  Tried to find one at the electronics shop when in Toronto, but no luck.  Going to need to order one (and hopefully a bunch of other stuff because postage will be 16x the price of a single transistor).  I also need to pick up a real axial capacitor for the Vic, and take out the hobbled together radial capacitor that I shoved in there for the time being.